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B & Off Road Randonneur Exemplar

The object of the BORRAX award is to recognize cyclists who challenge themselves to do hard things, specifically to finish the long dirt road cycling courses in New England. Qualifying events are a minimum distance of 90 miles and 50% unpaved track. The alternate name for the is award is "Because Other Rides & Races Aren't as X" where X could = Exhilarating or Exhausting or Exciting or Excruciating, you choose the X.

Any cyclist who completes 4 of New England's qualifying events in a season and applies will be granted the award.

To qualify a cyclist must complete the course within the individual event rules including any time cut restriction. In addition to specific event rules a cyclist that fails to complete the official course or uses motorized assistance can does not qualify based on that event.

Official results will be used where events publish them. In the case where results are not published, a cyclist can request the organizer email a certification or email a GPX file of their event ride to

To apply for the award, send a list of your completed events to Carl Ring, 973 Quincy Road, Rumney, NH 03266 with your return mailing address & $5.95 for shipping. Or email with the same information. You may arrange to pick up your award in person at select cycling events.

Qualifying Events in 2017 include:

*event links in the title of each

send any questions to

Good luck & happy bike adventures.

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