Monday, December 14, 2009

We are Not Portland! serious cyclocross and its rewards

New England cyclocross is serious competitive racing.

We do not indulge in the every weekend kegger-cross that is the staple of the pacific northwest. We do not believe that cyclocross events require special costumes beyond typical race team kit, or gearless bikes, or theme events, or hot tub run ups, or doggie cross.

No; cyclocross is a race, not a two-wheeled masquerade or a carnival freakshow.

That said, we do still like to have fun. Its just that making a race like a party, is like having waffles for dinner: if you do it every week, it stops being special, it becomes ordinary.

Once or twice a season is enough to let your freak flag fly,

like at Orchard Cross,

and of course at Ice Weasels.

These races had it all this year, hilarious costumes, beer hand ups galore, donut feeds, pitzone tail gating grills, and lots of noise.

My race at Ice Weasels was remarkably bad

after a very good start.

But I had fun, and I did hop the planks in the race!

Thanks to everyone who made the 2009 New England cyclocross season a blast. See you next year.

photos by Ryan Kelly

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